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EGS is the fastest growing manufacturer of bingo electronics in the world. Our success can best be summed up by Leo McGinneva's famous clarification about why people buy quarter-inch drill bits: "They don't want quarter-inch drill bits. They want quarter-inch holes."
We know that our customers don't come to us for bingo electronics just because they want bingo electronics. They come to us for bingo electronics because they want reliable products that are profitable, easy to use and hassle free.

Booty Chaser Linked Bingo

"The Bingo that links us all together" is LIVE! The markets #1 Bingo Game is now linked throughout the state of Minnesota with 75+ live sites and more to come!

  • Charities can make up to 194K!
  • There are 3 guaranteed winners every 6 minutes!
  • 3 Running Progressives!
  • Its FREE to get started!

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    THE EGS Arsenal

    With this in mind we based our company philosophy on five simple principles:

  • Produce only high quality durable products.
  • Produce only products that are proven to be profitable.
  • Deliver the best service possible - period.
  • Require that all relationships with everyone involved be win-win.
  • Create a working environment that is successful and enjoyable for everyone.
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