Here’s the scoop on the game…

  • Links hundreds locations throughout the state with thousands of people playing linked bingo in real time.

  • Electronic Game Solutions, Inc. (EGS) supplies your location with a point of sale, flat screen TV and gaming handsets.

  • With a minimum buy in of $3.00 your customers have 9 chances at 6 opportunities to win CASH! (Anything under $599 your organization makes the payout when the customer wins. Anything over $599 EGS pays your customer within 72 hours via ACH deposit or check.)

  • There are 3 guaranteed winners every 5 minutes!! (minimum of 2 players for a game to start)

  • It’s so easy! EGS and your chosen distributor will train you and your staff, making sure you are totally comfortable with the linked bingo system.

  • The linked bingo plays every 5 minutes starting at 8:00am and will play until 2:00am.

  • Each location has a TV dedicated to the linked bingo game so those customers not playing can participate too, all the while increasing their knowledge of the game & excitement of the game as prizes are won and jackpots are increase

Location Map – Find Your NEW Favorite Local Spot To Play!

Check out the short video below for a more indepth look at how the whole system works!