You can choose between a Basic & Platinum Package

  • Basic Package:
    • Includes a computer, router, PC-TV converter (if required) and all the software to be able to run a bingo game using the EGS random number generator that’s built into the system
    • It allows the caller to call each ball during the game, then verify any winners
    • Built-in capabilities to display the last number that was called and also display the winning/non-winning verified bingo card.
      • The equipment that is required to display the last ball called and the verified bingo cards is the responsibility of the location where the equipment will be used
  • Platinum Package: 
    • Includes all the components of the Basic Package along with an additional computer that hooks up to a TV at the location
    • This additional computer comes with software that has a Flashboard, winning pattern and the last ball called displayed. 
    • 6 themes with different background graphics along with animated ball call movements and highlights.
    • Has capability to hook up to one TV, but can be configured to go across multiple
    • Also can be converted to a ‘Video Wall’ that takes the single TV image and spans it across multiple TV’s. 
    • Video Wall equipment will be at the location’s expense

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