This is not your Grandmother’s Bingo

Booty Chaser Statewide Linked Bingo is now playing in Louisiana!

This bingo game is the most modern and hottest bingo game and available at participating bingo halls nearest you. Players have more chances to win up to $10,000 per Progressive. Booty Chaser Mega Progressive Linked Bingo is a real-time bingo game that electronically links all participating halls in Louisiana. Your minimum buy-in is only $3 for the Mega Progressive’s three-part continuation game. One buy-in gets you into a game with three Progressives per game. Consolation and Progressive Jackpot prizes are entirely player-driven, meaning the more players the more money involved; so get your friends to play. Proceeds from this game help local non-profit organizations. If a bingo hall near you does not offer Booty Chaser Statewide Mega Progressive Bingo, tell them, “I wanna chase dat Booty!”

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