“Win-win sees life as a cooperative, not competitive arena.” – Stephen R. Covey

Electronic Game Solutions, Inc. (EGS) is a privately held company whose managing partners are working partners. With over 70 years of combined experience, the owners of EGS have worked in every aspect of the bingo electronics industry from manufacturing, national distribution and local distribution to bingo hall ownership and operation.

Our History

The partners of Electronic Game Solutions, Inc. have been working together since 1995. They first worked together as independent national representatives for Bingo Brain Inc. In 1999 they formed a marketing company and became the exclusive national representative for Bingo Brain products. On May 1st, 2002, they formed Electronic Game Solutions, Inc. and purchased the manufacturing rights from Bingo Brain, Inc. to the Easy Bingo and Easy Ware products.

Bingo Brain, Inc. is the creator of the Easy Bingo and Easy Ware products and is the owner of United States Patent #4,768,151 and Canadian Patent #1,288,866.

Our Team

Dean Falvo

Chief Executive Officer/President

Larry Midows

Chief Financial Officer

Sean Sullivan

Vice President – Software & Technology

Rod Gallagher

Chief Technical Officer

Retta Petzel

Administrative Assistant

Kurt Petzel

Hardware/Software Technician

Tommy Robbins

Senior Media Arts Specialist

Joe Strickland

Public Relations Installation Tech

LaurelLee Loftsgard

Sales Executive

Chris Towle

Technical Support

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